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3WO Social Media Marketing Horeca

3WO Social Media Marketing Horeca

Date: Nov 2017
Categories: Online marketing - Social media - Other

We understand the importance of beautiful and valuable content across your social media channels. Especially for restaurants and bars it is important to stay in the ‘top state of mind’ of your community.  Because we combine our photography and writing qualities together with academic knowledge in the field of social media marketing, we guarantee your company stays in the ‘top of mind’ of your audience.

For our beloved friends of 3WO we take care of nine social media accounts. This includes both photography and videography. Besides that, we manage all the copywriting, scheduling and monitoring of mostly every post each month. Furthermore, we realise multiple Facebook and Instagram advertising to reach a specific audience with, for example, their new menu.

Check out the Instagram and Facebook of the below listed restaurants and bars.

  • Bar Bukowski
  • Bar Basquiat
  • Smoking Barrels
  • Cafe Kuijper
  • Cafe Maxwell
  • Bar Botanique
  • Biertuin Linnaeusstraat
  • Biertuin Prinsengracht
  • Superette